Afternoon Tunes playlist sat 16/12

Aim ‘Flight 602’ song ‘Walking Home Through The Park’

Thom Yorke “the eraser” song black swan

Belle And Sebastian ‘The Life Pursuit’ song ‘Act Of The Apostle II’

Grant Lee Phillips Nighteeneighties song “Under the Milky Way”

The Bellrays ‘Have A Little Faith’ song ‘Pay the Cobra’

Lou Rhodes ‘Beloved One’ song “Fortress”

Cat Power ‘The Greatest’ song ‘Living Proof’

Sparklehorse ‘Dreamt for light years… song ‘Ghost sky’

Peter Bjorn and John ‘Writers Block’ song Young Folks

Pearl Jam “S/T”song “Life Wasted”

Richard Ashcroft ‘Keys To The World’ song ’75 Degrees’ (Bonus Track)

The Melvins – A Senile Animal – 2006 (192kbps) the Talking Horse

Madonna & Massive Attack Something ‘To Remember’ song ‘Something To Remember’

Sophia Technology Wont Save Us song ‘Lost (She Believed In Angels)’

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