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The Corona Extra PWA World Cup ’07 – Event Summary

14.10.07 – By: Brian McDowell

The PWA tour visited Scotland to settle the 2007 wave sailing world title and conclude an astonishing season of competition. After an anxious week Brazilian Kauli Seadi lifted the trophy ahead of Victor Fernandez and Josh Angulo.

Kauli celebrates the title

The champ in action

Special prizes for the winners

The Isle of Tiree was the latest addition to the ground-breaking 2007 PWA wave tour and, as the final event of the season, had the honour of crowning the 2007 world champion.

In the run-up to this unique mobile event the point’s race was tight and the pressure rested firmly on tour runner-up, 23-yr old Victor Fernandez (Fanatic / Simmer) of Spain.

Topping the leader board was Brazilian Kauli Seadi (Quatro / Naish) the 2005 world champion and winner of the last event on his home patch in Brazil.

The task for Fernandez was simple – win the event outright to take the title – as simply knocking Seadi out in their scheduled quarter-final clash would be insufficient.

But as the holding period began, the raw Atlantic coastline of Tiree lay dormant and calm as the world’s best wave sailors waited for suitable conditions.

A lack of surf but some breeze on day two sprung the organisers into action and drinks sponsor Go Fast Energy tossed in USD$ 750 for an expression session.

Starting on the south coast at Crossapol two 15-man qualifying heats produced 5 riders advancing to a 10-man final to be held at Balephuil on the Islands wild western edge.

With normal heat sailing tactics out of the window the crashes were brutal as no-one held back in their bid to steal the purse.

Eventually Victor Fernandez sealed the deal with a crazy and contorted corkscrew rotation to render the barrage of air chacho’s and one-handed back loops from the rest insufficient.

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